Top benefits of using carrageenan

Top benefits of using carrageenan

Carrageenan is a type of sulphated polysaccharides. It is used for several purposes in the processing of food as a stabilizing and thickening agent. Similarly carrageenan food science explains how it is used meat and dairy products because it can bind to proteins. On the other hand, carrageenan is infused into infant formula and in juices. The primary source of carrageen is the different species of red seaweeds. The whole procedure includes drying and baling. After that, the baled and dried carrageenan is ground then sifted and later washed to remove impurities and sand that can be inside the ground carrageenan.

Later this seaweed is soaked in an alkaline solution like potassium hydroxide ad it then undergoes heating somvbvbgfh that the carrageenan can be removed from the seaweed. Cellulose is mechanically removed by centrifugation and filtration. Finally, the powdered carrageen is ground to various forms. The powdered carrageenan has a lot of benefits when used by humans and in this article, we outline some benefits that will make you start using the powder.

Antioxidant support

The most popular use of carrageenan is that the powder when used acts as an antioxidant in the body. The carrageenan oligosaccharides help in the exhibition of the antioxidation activities in the body. This aspect assists in supporting of cells to avoid the damage of these cells because of oxidative stress. If the stress is left to prevail further, it will lead to a destruction of cells which leads to severe conditions.

Helps in gastric discomfort management

There times when you will experience gastric discomfort, then it is advisable you take carrageenan powder to suppress the discomfort. Carrageenan has been known to have supplements which play a significant role in managing the stomach irritations. On the other hand, the carrageenan ensures that it takes away the discomfort that you might experience in your intestinal system.

Health support of the digestive system

gdsrrwAnother great significant use of carrageenan is that it helps in supporting a healthy digestive system. This is evidenced by the fact that carrageenan powders assist the digestive system through supporting movements of the bowel regularly. The type of carrageenan that is used for this purpose is prepared by boiling it in water, and fresh milk and then the resulting liquid is the one that is drunk.

Acts as a conventional medicine

The carrageenan powder is also known for its ability to act as medicine to some illnesses. For instance, the powder can be used to suppress severe coughs. Similarly carrageenan is used to decrease swellings and pains, and on the other hand, it can treat peptic ulcers.

Benefits of water flossing

Benefits of water flossing

Healthy, teeth and gums are what you should have. People have always tried to look beautiful and perfect. Some tend to forget the teeth. Many are still using the conventional way to clean their teeth which is to brush twice a day. A number of research has shown that brushing your teeth twice a day is not as effective as it is hyped to be. Food chops get stuck in between the teeth and places where a toothbrush cannot reach. This accumulation of food particles causes a mouth to smell regardless of how many times you brush. Water flossing has now become the ideal way to clean your teeth, read about water flossers here and know how much you are missing out. Forget all the stuck particles and sensitive gums here are the reasons you should try water flossing as a new way of cleaning your teeth.

Removal of food


Food gets stuck in between the teeth, and you cannot brush them off. When a chunk of meat gets stuck in between your teeth, it makes you feel irritated and uncomfortable. This kind of food when left for a while gets rotten hence making your mouth smell. You cannot eliminate the smell of stuck food by brushing your teeth. You need water flossing to flush out all the particles that make your mouth to smell.

Removal of Plaque

Plaque develops as a result of bacteria constantly forming on your teeth. Plague makes your teeth yellowish. When too much of it forms on your teeth, it forms tartar. Tartar and plaque cannot be removed with a toothbrush that’s why you need water flossing. Water flossing removes all the tartar and plaque by flushing a jet of water on the in between the teeth. It also prevents plaque from forming back when done regularly.

Easy to clean teeth with braces

fshsbvjkdvYou have visited your dentist, and he/she as recommended braces because of an overbite or an underbite does that mean you should stop having clean teeth. As a matter of fact, with braces, you are prone to get more stuck particles in your mouth. Try water flossing to clean your teeth with braces, and you will never go back to the conventional method. Water flossing flushes water on your teeth leaving them clean without moving braces.


Many people have gums that bleed. Gums bleed because of infection or gingivitis. And if you been using a toothbrush you may have to consider stopping because the brush irritates the gums. Instead, use water flossing. Gentle flossing will clean your teeth without harming your gums.