Health Conditions Induced By Alcohol Use

Study after another has shown that there are serious health problems that result from excessive alcohol use. Some of the commonly known health conditions associated with alcohol. Some sustain physical injuries through accidents among other issues.qwertfgdfd

Common health conditions associated with alcohol use


Excessive and habitual drinking of alcohol can cause the reduction in the number of red blood cells. This is commonly known as Anemia. There are many symptoms that could come with this abnormal reduction of the oxygen-carrying red blood cells. They include unexplained fatigue, lightheadedness and breath shortness.

Cardiovascular diseases

It is important to note that platelets can clump together causing blood clots in cases of heavy and binge drinking of alcohol. This can result in a stroke or heart attack. One is at a higher risk of death if they are heavy drinkers and have heart problems.

Another cardiovascular disease associated with heavy drinking is cardiomyopathy. This is a potentially deadly health condition where the heart muscles become weak and can lead to failure. This comes with abnormal heart rhythm like the ventricular and atrial fibrillation.


One of the commonly known health condition resulting from excessive alcohol drinking is cancer. The risk grows even more dangerous with age. The human body breaks alcohol into acetaldehyde. This is a protein carcinogen. During this process, one is even at higher risk. Alcohol-related cancer can be found to affect the mouth, larynx, pharynx, liver, breast, esophagus and the colorectal region. The condition is even aggravated by the use of tobacco together with alcohol.


wdefrtfgdsThe study shows that human brain shrinks at a rate of 1.9% every decade as one age. This can be abnormally fast in people who take excess alcohol. Certain brain regions can shrink faster causing memory loss among other sign of dementia.

More often, alcohol has been linked to lack of proper plans and making poor judgments. This is considered subtle, though potentially serious. Other people who are under the influence of alcohol cannot solve problems or basic functions.


Everyone knows about liver issues that come with excessive alcohol drinking. The cells of the liver are affected by alcohol. Heavy drinkers can develop cirrhosis, a condition considered lethal. The liver gets scared making it unable to function. Worth mentioning is that there is a specific amount of alcohol that is considered heavy to cause cirrhosis: some only take little or a lot to develop the condition.


There is a close relationship between heavy drinking and depression. Some people turn to alcohol during the depression while studies have also linked the psychological condition with heavy alcohol use.

Other health conditions that result from heavy use of alcohol include seizures, gout, nerve damage, high blood pressure and infectious diseases among others.